Frequently asked questions

Do you charge a broker fee for your services?

We may charge a broker fee. It is predominantly dependent on the loan amount. Please visit our "Our fees" page to view our current and latest fee structure. We will never charge for initial advice.

Do you conduct credit searches?

As a firm we do not conduct any credit searches on any of our clients. Any credit search that is undertaken would be done so by the relevant advised lender themselves, for the purpose of the mortgage application only, and you will be notified of this beforehand. During the advice process, we may ask you to obtain a credit report, depending on your circumstances.

I am looking to purchase a retail unit to rent out, can you assist?

Purchasing retail units (including shops, post offices, warehouses, bed & breakfast etc) falls under Commercial mortgages. This includes if half of the property consists of a flat for residential purposes, and the other half a shop underneath. Unfortunately we are unable to advise in this area, however we can refer you to a Commercial mortgage broker who can.

Can you still advise on buy-to-let mortgages even if my credit score is low?

Absolutely. Some lenders may have a minimum credit score/rating system to accept applications. It might be the case you don't qualify. Other lenders, particularly specialist buy-to-let lenders often have a more manual approach and are less concerned about your rating, and care more about your credit history. Every lender has their own unique set of criteria towards accepting adverse applicants and those with low credit scores. It would still be worth contacting us to find out where you stand.

I don't have my own solicitor, how am I able to find an appropriate one?

We are able to refer you a solicitor if you wish and can provide you with a full quote. For many of our clients we have referred reputable solicitors should they need one. There is no obligation at all for you to take it up.

I'm not a British citizen, live abroad and would like to invest in a buy-to-let property in the UK, can you help?

If you are a non-British citizen who is not resident and working in the UK, we wouldn't be able to advise, as this is outside the scope of our business. We can advise you as a non-British citizen if you are both a UK resident and have permanent rights to reside in the UK.

I am a British Expat looking to purchase a buy-to-let property in the UK, can you advise?

Yes we can. It will depend on various factors and your current situation. It is important that you still have some sort of credit footprint in the UK.

I'm over 70, can you still provide buy-to-let advice for me?

Certainly. Depending on what you are looking to do and what your current situation is, there are some buy-to-let lenders who have no maximum age on application.